Your vision to activation


We develop solutions to suit your specialised requirements, through Rapid Prototyping!

Collaborate with us if you need help with an idea or wondering if it can be done.

Our internal culture challenges the status quo to deliver trailblazing creative and innovative solutions that ensure that your brand achieves maximum visual impact.

Through rapid prototyping we enable clients to bring their ideas to life. Pre-production testing of sample versions of your production, ensures optimum fit with your strategic objectives.

The diversity of our technology and services makes any project possible. Our adaptive and flexible solutions, and innovative techniques ensure that we are able to translate a brand onto almost any substrate, and across multiple platforms.

Big or small. Complex or simple. We commit ourselves to delivering exceptional value to our clients:

1 or 1 million

a badge to a stadium wrap

local or international

1 location or geographically dispersed


We thrive on making sense of the chaos

We are contributing to South Africa's vision of a dynamic and connected information society, by helping our clients use data and smart technology to solve campaign management problems.

Immersive experiences are changing how we interact with people, information and experiences. Through collaborative innovation, we help our clients deliver new experiences across multiple channels including cloud and mobile (the internet of things)

We combine technology with human ingenuity to empower insight-led decision making, superior customer experiences and brilliant business outcomes:

  • Driving cost efficiencies
  • Improving productivity
  • Enhancing customer service and experience

We build custom solutions to meet our clients unique business requirements or specific problems.


Let's explore the boundaries together!

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our new home:  11 Tetford Cir, Somerset Park, Umhlanga, 4051

PO Box 417, Verulam, 4340