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Our Solutions in Trade


Billboards, Fence Wraps



Billboard, Banner, Decal
Retails Point of Sale Displays: FSUs, Counter Top Units, Product Glorifiers


Shopper Marketing

Point of Sale
(Semi-)Permanent, FSU, Counter-Top, Parasite, Category Banner, Shelf Defender, Product Glorifier
Activation, Tacking, Close-the-Loop


Connected, Data

Campaign Tracking
Activation, Rollout, Close-the-Loop, Geo-tagging, Trade survey


Events, Exhibitions, Promotions

Gazebo, Bar Counter, Parasol, Flag
Branded Gazebos, Banners and Flags


Informal Trade

(Spaza / Traditional / School)
Signage, Branding, Product Seeding, Strategic Sales
Spaza Shopper Marketing: Shelf Strips, Posters, Decals



Mass Customisation
Spaza Presence Signage, Event Personalisation
Spaza Shop Signage, Event Personalisation



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