Point Of Purchase


At Purple Rain, we offer specialised custom fabricated point of purchase retail solutions for high-impact branding at the most crucial point of interception.

Our Point of Purchase Division has been uniquely structured so as to provide clients with innovative solutions specifically designed to ensure that your brands achieve maximum visual impact, breaking through the clutter.

Giving you the Choice:

Purple Rain provides clients with the choice of fabrication of either temporary free standing units or permanent installations, using a wide range of media, inclusive of wood, corrugated and acrylic substrates.

Through our rapid prototyping service, we afford clients the ability to make a final choice ahead of production. Our Rapid Prototyping service provides the opportunity for pre-production approval and testing of one-off versions of your unit or installation ahead of final production, ensuring optimum fit with your strategic objectives.

Your Peace-of-Mind:

Our innovative team of point of purchase experts have built a reputation for the creation of impactful, creatively unique projects that have broken new ground in the marketplace.

No matter how big or small, complex or simple, the project, we commit ourselves to delivering exceptional quality in remarkable turn-around time and whithin budget.

Interaction with Experts:

Our strength in point of purchase solutions lies in the investment in a modern and diversely equipped fabrication production facility and highly skilled technicians to enable the creation and development of completely unique designs and renditions.


  • Corrugated FSU Units;
  • Xanita/Re-board cut outs and standees, exhibition booths, and FSU units;
  • MDF (wooden) FSU units
  • “Retail to Go” flat packed Permanent FSU solutions for easy distribution
  • Shelf Defenders / Category Banners
  • Acrlyic / Perspex fabrication