At Purple Rain, we go to the ends of earth for you.

Our Substrate Solutions Division works to support the undertakings of our Large Format and Point of Purchase Divisions and is specifically geared around securing the world’s best materials and value for money on behalf of our clients.

Giving you the Choice:

Your interaction with Purple Rain affords you almost infinite choices.

We proactively seek out and develop long-term relationships with leading suppliers in countries around the world in order to maximise the choices available to you. Our ongoing efforts have a two-fold benefit; the guarantee of a wide range of top quality substrates, coupled with cost efficiencies due to our bulk purchasing power.

 Your Peace-of-Mind:

Your business dealings with Purple Rain buy you peace-of-mind.

Because of our numerous Platinum-Rated Supplier relationships and astute understanding of prevailing economic conditions, we’re confidently able to assure our clients of best-in-category prices and carefully managed quality of product, inclusive of vital batch-to-batch consistency levels.



Media Solutions

In addition, we make a point of conducting regular audits of our suppliers, applying a 0% failure tolerance with regard to quality of substrate supplies, environmental concerns and the rapid provision of materials, applying the prerequisite of a 24-hour on-demand turn-around time.

Interaction with Experts:


Whatever your requirement, we’re here to assist and have within our ranks the skills and expertise to provide you the ultimate business solutions and the latest in global industry developments.

Our team undertakes extensive in-house testing and takes the time to roams the world’s top tradeshows to bring clients the latest in global developments.

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Our business footprint is extensive and includes a Johannesburg Sales Office, comprising offices and warehousing, and a presence in both the Asian and Middle Eastern marketsby way of our dedicated China Sourcing Office through which we are able to tap into a host of the best substrate service providers in China and further afield. In addition, we have a Dubai Sales Office which we utilise for the supply of completed products produced in Durban for Middle Eastern re-distribution to the UAE, Qatar, Amman, Kuwait and Bahrain markets.

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Our supplyreach and, indeed our logistics strength, with in-house expertise in packing, provision of documentation and facilitation of inspections of exported goods, ensures that we are able to provide a complete turnkey and timely service to clients, distributing their completed collateral throughout Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, the SADC region and African countries to the north and ... the world.


So fierce is our reputation for state-of-the art materials and originalityof in-time supply, numerous companies also involved in digital print work have come to rely on Purple Rain for the materials they require to service their own clients.